by A God from the Machine

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Three demo tracks from the upcoming full length debut by A God from the Machine.


released June 18, 2013



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A God from the Machine Tallahassee, Florida

A metal project exploring the strange intersections between certainty and doubt, illusion and reality, and the gods we build to carry us through our lives.

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Track Name: A Question of Faith
A cry of pain pierces through my heart,
beholding the damage this love has wrought.
The word that had been our shield
now turns its face away.

Decay spreads like fire through every heart.
The bonds that had joined us torn bleeding apart.
Hope, the final illusion to fall.

Deus Irae. What name is this
carved in slaughter before me?
Deus Interitus, Deus Legis,
whose name is "I Am" and "Thou Shalt Not."

Our frailty projects divinity,
casting splendor in broken hearts.
Broken minds see the guiding hand
at the end of their arm.

What matters life if each breath is to serve
and slave toward a higher, immortal form?

And what if it's all a lie?
No shelter above,
a brief, brilliant spark out of darkness
and to darkness returning.

I will not fear, the dark is my guide,
to smother my will and stifle all light.
The prodigal son to the pyre returned
to burn the hand, the tongue of the liar.

Deus Irae. Cast down the
perverted law, a cairn to cursed rot.
Deus Interitus, by your own hand deceived.
My vengeance a cruel blade that will justice see.

I will be free of you, though it be in my final breath.
Track Name: Mortal
Once upon this starless night,
vacant eyes beheld my plight,
and though they passed in file there
His choirs would no witness bear.

So sing we now in Godless droves
the cadence of this mortal show.
To sink like waves into the sand,
there, where each of us began.
Track Name: Underworlds
Love fades, light fails, and in the end
gentle Mother Night calls her children home.

Suffer not hope, nor hope for suffering's end.
The light's salvation is fragile, hollow, pale.

But drown in night. See how lush the shadows,
a thick, vibrant tapestry made divine by broken dreams.

Worldless, oh less mortal than before.
Our dreams, devices wasted on the shore.
Hopeless, on this ageless sea adrift forevermore.
Here for the fallen I claim these dreamlit underworlds.

So in the bitter end the violent cries recede,
transfixed in awe before this beautiful fatality.

I see clearly now, the only way through is down.

Worldless, oh less mortal than before.
Our dreams, devices wasted on the shore.
Hopeless, sever this empty soul, spoken nevermore
Here for the fallen I claim these dreamlit underworlds.