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A long walk through the snow at the beginning of a year that will never end.

"The Turn" is a song of time unending, of the slow turning of an immovable wheel, of the madness of inescapable guilt for a crime that cannot be spoken or imagined, against the self, against nature, against Being itself. It is the knowledge of violence that can never be undone and the horror of facing that violence unable to look away, unable to seek solace, or to ask forgiveness. It is at once the destruction of self, and the rejection of death, an escape into a cycle of renaissance extending until, or perhaps beyond, the death of time itself.

Writing for "The Turn" began on a day without snow, in late Spring. It has come to you now across two years, two continents, and four cities, to another day without snow, as the hemisphere bends its farthest from the sun. Its journey has not been a direct one, and its end was not always clear, but it is with great joy that I release this tale of horror and loss into the world. Thanks to all my friends and collaborators who made this piece possible, and particularly to Joe Kelleher and Jeremy Johnston for their amazing contributions.




released December 21, 2016

Connor A. Hoffman - Guitar, bass, vocals, sampling and synthesis, composition, production, mixing, artwork
Joe Kelleher (Forever Nothingness) - Guest vocals
Jeremy Johnston (SubCat Music Studios) - Mastering



all rights reserved


A God from the Machine Tallahassee, Florida

A metal project exploring the strange intersections between certainty and doubt, illusion and reality, and the gods we build to carry us through our lives.

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Track Name: The Turn

Winter’s warning sinks deep into my bones
As I carve my lonely way through unbroken snow
Clouds cast their frozen crown to adorn my head
As I lay these bones next to mine, upon the riverbed

The Fall dreaming of what I’ve done
Memories of guilt like Autumn’s crimson leaves
The Spring weeping, in torrents of my shame
Waiting light to crest the hill and burn my sins away

Creeping over icy depths, an abyssal voice intones,
Resonates through the glass and gallows-limbs above
Breathing with lungs afire to thaw my tomb
Here I will lie and wait as the wheel turns anew

One last gleaming of what I’ve become
Before the ice splits my reflection and pulls me down
Before I am gone

The stars gaze upon me,
Condemning the path that I walk
(With each passing day
I lose more of myself)
Fate has cast me
Into this cruel reality,
This mire of regret

Where have I gone?

Bring me around
Stop the seasons,
Before I found
The violence within

I wish to spend
Another day among them

Bring me around
Stop the seasons
Ageless roots from
A tomb unbroken

Bring me around
Halt this madness
Unyielding burden
Cannot bear this


Hours sink like stones
Turn like the tides
Erode my essence
And cast away my bones

As I bleed away my past,
Bleed away my memory,
My deeds stain red the snow
And make the wheel complete

Once again I watch the past reprise
How many years must I relive this?
The burden of my guilt comes crushing down
I cannot bear the weight
I cannot bear this cycle

Blade in my hand,
Same as the night
I cast away humanity
and gave my life to spite

I pour out an angel
Into the white
And pray for my destruction
Release me from these binds

Once again I’m staring eye to eye
With the beast I gave existence
Through the mirror lie enchanting depths below
Hadean servant I will name thee:

We are one

Again I've walked for miles
To find this frozen stream
Again I've peered into the icy flow
To find the one interred below

Again I reach the grave I made
For the one I did betray
Again I draw the blade, not-quite-
Forgotten fear arising
Each year I walk this wretched path
And pray this time will be my last
But knowing Judgment keeps me trapped
Always on this cruel Möbius

The wheel will turn anew
Abysmal life renewed

One more step across the threshold
One more breath before I die
Through the ice and through the water
Take my place before the curtains rise

Winter's prison holds me tight within her grasp
This season of death will never leave my breast
The sun's rays cast a halo on my unworthy head
As I lay my weary bones in place upon the riverbed

It will turn